Sale of New DG Sets (20kVA to 2MVA)

AEPL Engineering Works is affiliated in offering a wide range of DG Sets nation-wide as well as over-seas starting from 20kVA to 2MVA power. These ingeniously designed engines are broadly used to provide energy to drive machinery and other items of different industries. Our presented range is greatly energy-efficient and aids an error-free operation under all kinds of harsh environments. These highly developed technologies-integrated air cooled diesel engines are sourced from world leading principals and are recognized for their fine performance, reliability and flawless services. Besides this, they also help minimize energy consumption and in the prevention of heat loss, thus ensuing dominant performance and lower fuel consumption.

In addition to this, AEPL Engineering Works also offers the ease of Rental DG Sets available at our valued client’s disposal for small & medium industries, hospitals, commercial establishments hotels, offices, farm houses, construction sites, banks, telecom services, small & medium IT units, rice mills, cold storages, textile units, etc. DG Sets are available for hire powered depending on the load requirements & types of work. These sets are available both with & without Acoustic enclosures.